May Explores: A Five Senses Adventure!

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Get ready for an exciting sensory adventure the whole family can enjoy! Through hands-on activities, discover the five senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. Feel different textures, taste flavors with your tongue, sniff out mystery scents, make noise with homemade instruments and navigate a fun obstacle course.

We’ll also explore tools like braille, glasses, headphones, and weighted vests that help kids with different abilities experience the five senses. It’s a captivating journey for little ones to learn about their incredible senses!

Join us daily for fun-themed activities throughout the week and all month. Stop by the Town Hall Main Stage at 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. to enjoy the fun! 

April 30 – May 5 Touch: Have you ever felt overwhelmed? We will explore this emotion while reading Too Much! “An Overwhelming Day” by Jolene Gutierrez. Join us for an activity about touch in our Create area. Bunnies are soft. Sand is rough. Cotton is soft. Our skin can feel different textures. Have you ever had an itchy shirt? Your skin can feel that. Use your hands to explore different textures in sensory bins.  

May 7-12 Taste: What foods are yummy to your tummy? “Yum!: A Book about Taste” by Dana Meachen Rau discusses everything delicious. Do you like to eat sour candy? What about spicy chips? Our tongue has different parts that work together to taste our food. Stop by I Can Create to taste test sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and savory flavors and see where you can taste them on your tongue.   

May 14-19 Smell: What’s that Smell? “Thank You, Omu!” by Oge Mora gives insight into our sense of smell. Take a sniff. What do you smell? Our noses and brains work together to smell the different chemicals in the air. Using only your nose, match each cup to its scent. See if your nose knows!   

May 21-26 Hear: “Listen” by Gabi Snyder explores your hearing. Your ears can hear all different kinds of noises. Some noises are loud, and some noises are soft. Guests will sort pictures into loud or soft categories and create their musical instruments to make their noises!  

May 28-31 See: After listening to “Rosies Glasses” by Dave Whamond, join us for an activity about sight in our Create area. Different people can see in various ways. Some can see without help, while others may use glasses or contacts. Work with your grown-up to complete an obstacle course using vision-blocking goggles. 

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